As we welcome the Fall harvest of seasonal produce at its prime, the ripest and juiciest apples, squash in multiples varieties and beaming colors of scrumptious vegetation, our excitement peeks over the plethora of foodie events that are about to take place throughout New York City. Each with its own theme, but all highlighting our favorite chefs and their creations, its always a treat when we find an oyster among the sumptuous dishes. This year we kicked off our event season with Cooking Light Magazine’s Lighten Up the Night. It was an evening under the stars, on the beautiful Highline, and one filled with delicious healthy cuisine and freshly shucked oysters.

If the growing number of juice bars, healthful specific restaurants and the government issued soda ban aren’t proof enough, eating right is the trend, and one we support sticking around. Its easy to throw a stick of butter on a dish or fry it up to make it taste good. The real task is delivering flavorful dishes that are not only palate friendly but heart healthy as well. Besides their aphrodisiac qualities, and refreshingly diverse qualities, oysters are extremely body friendly. They are low in cholesterol, unlike other shellfish, they have zinc, protein, and they are actually good for the waters that they are harvested in. So it’s no wonder they were featured naked and wonderful, at this healthy focused event.

Besides our dear bivalve from the Alabama Gulf Seafood Oyster Bar, we were blown away by all of the food that we tasted. Some of our favorite chefs, from throughout the country brought their A game in recreating their famous plates. Dan Kluger of ABC Kitchen highlighted local corn with a sweet and savory dish that finished with a kick. Hugh Acheson, although a great judge on Top Chef, should never exchange his apron for a seat at the judges table. His simple dish of a hard boiled egg, mushrooms and greens was so full of flavor you would think there was at least ten other elements to it. Rick Bayless stuck to his award wining south of the boarder cuisine with a white fish and scallop ceviche. None like we’ve ever tasted, we only wished the cup it was served in was a little bigger.

As current New York City Marathon trainees we could not have been more thrilled to experience the tastes of these amazing chefs and still feel great for our long 18 mile run the next morning. Cheers to healthful eating.

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