Perhaps coincidental, or just a feat of pure genius, but the very first NYC Oyster week happen to be born as our dear bivalve took plunge into its seasonal growth spurt. This mastermind idea, worthy of fireworks, is the conception of a few individuals hungry for a good shuck and yearning to share it with the people of the oyster’s origin. Unlike other foods typical to this City, oysters are indigenous to the waters that surround it. They have been an evolving character in their own historical purpose. How do we know all this? We joined our new friends on board the yacht, Manhattan, as it took an education sunset voyage of sips, shucks, and slurps.

An entire week dedicated to oysters, each day entailed a different activity highlighting this fabulous creature of the sea. After some parties and tastings, the oysters and their shuckers took on the Hudson for an adventurous hour and half sail. Boarding at Chelsea Piers we joined a few fellow enthusiasts, as the creators of our adventure took us through the history of oysters and New York City. We sipped cocktails, all shaken and stirred right on board, and slurped oysters all shucked on deck, while taking in the gorgeous views of Lady Liberty and Governors Island as the sun descended on the New York City Skyline.

The oysters, in four varieties, were as fresh as can be, each perfectly shucked by the very skillful hands of the Naked Cowboy Oyster staff. Our friend Mike delivered his little babies, Mermaid Selects, right from the Montauk docks. A creation of love, each was big in size and even grander in flavor. There was even a little West Coast loving from the petite Kusshies, and it’s true what they say, good things do come in small sizes. And just to liven things up even more, various flavored accoutrements in little pearl form, were magically created by the skillful hand of Chef Rob McCue.

A successful inauguration at the season’s commencement, we look forward to what next year has to bring. And hope that the one short week is extended into at least two.

New York City Oyster Week

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