A warm summer day, a beach side restaurant with oysters, and a glass of stifling cold rose wine, although definitively subjective, is how we would describe perfection. Add a few tiki torches, a boat turned bar, and a gorgeous view, and what you have is the new East End pop up, Moby Dick’s. With a hidden wooden path, and a barely disclosed sign, this little hide away may be a challenge to find, but once you are there, it pure nautical heaven.

Located along side the more notorious and rambunctious Rick’s Crabby Cowboy Cafe, Moby Dick’s is the chill and reserved cousin to its neighbor. With only a few white wooden tables in various sizes, several sporadically placed couches, and Rastafarian tunes in the background, it’s easy to submit into the guilty pleasure of pure relaxation. But then again, what’s wrong with that?

The bar has two taps, both for wine, a Riesling and a Rose, which are refreshingly cold and delicious. Beer comes in a few varieties, and smartly served tallboy style, saving one from that extra trip to the bar. Although we didn’t try them, all of the cocktails shaken or stirred, looked quite enticing, and from what we heard are quite dangerous as well.

The menu items, all prepared in a small ad hoc kitchen right there on the beach utilize ingredients that are as local as can be. The oysters, Montauk Pearls, are pulled out of the water a mere few feet from where they are shucked. The three varieties of pizza are baked in the outdoor pizza oven. And the catch of the day, is barely taken off the line before it arrives grilled to perfection on the plate.

The music starts at lunch and goes through the night. And although the kitchen closes at 11pm, the drinks keep on floating. Should the day of rose and oysters take you into the evening hours, hop on one of the lifeguard chairs with your hunny, and perhaps a cold glass of your favorite libation, and enjoy the beautiful Montauk sunset.

Moby Dick’s

435 east lake drive, montauk, ny

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