After an unyielding internal struggle, we decided it was only right to report on what we think is one of the greater oyster happy hour deals in NYC. With only a few seats in this  portion of an elegant and least likely of restaurants to host a deal, it was an under the seas wonder we wanted to keep all to our selves. But being that it is our duty to slurp and tell, we’re here to share.

Typically saved for a special white table cloth dining occasion, and with that fine food at the highest level, we did not expect any sort of happy hour special at Fishtail. But in true Davide Burke fashion, his culinary arms are open for all to experience. Barely advertised, with not even a mention on their website, stumbling up on this was the happiest of accidents.

Not just about oysters, the four happy hours from 3-7pm extend into several other items and drinks, leaving us merry and smiling cheek to cheek as we exited the restaurant into the still bright early New York City evening.

Offered in the bar area of the restaurant, on the lower level, the deal includes $1Oysters and Cherry Stones, $5 Sangria and Sam Adams, $8 Cabernet and Sauvignon Blanc, and a $5 burger! Too bad this is not TheBurgerBlog, because we could on and on about that little number.

Starting with two very generously poured glasses of Sauvignon Blanc, our go to summer white, we ordered a half dozen Oysters and a half dozen Cherry Stones. The oyster that day, Naked Cowboy, was plump, sweet, and perfectly shucked, as were the clams. Although not part of the happy hour special, Fishtail offers four additional East and West coasters, should there be any interest in treading other bivalve waters. Wanting to try it all, we ordered the White Sangria, which was delicious and refreshing, a glass of the Cab, and the burger. Bright pink in the middle, and cooked just right, our little bundle of love came accompanied by a basket of fries, and the cutest personal ketchup bottle. We were in surf and turf heaven.

Granted it’s a limited menu, with limited seating, but if luck strikes an open chair at this ten-stool bar, what can be better than a cold glass of wine or beer, great oysters, and a perfectly cooked burger for $5.


135 East 62nd Street New York, NY 10065
(212) 754-1300

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