Which in this case was better than the oyster.

Testing out our endurance level, we decided to join the few thousand others, and do The Ride to Montauk. A trip organized by the fabulous Glen, this event takes place every year, offering ambitious riders like us the opportunity to take a scenic bike ride 100 miles to Montauk.

With three options of 130, 100, or 70-mile lengths, starting at different points on the island, we chose to do the Century Ride, for its cool name, and since 130 just seemed crazy. After some adjustments to the route, we got a very friendly email from Glen advising that there would be an extra 8 miles added onto each, making ours 108. What’s an extra 8 miles we thought…no biggie!

Depositing our bikes in Manhattan, we met the crew at the Babylon station the following morning, and kicked off our ride at approximately 645am. After about 22 miles, we arrived at the first rest stop for a quick snack of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and fruit, all provided by the organizers of the ride. Blue Point Summer Ale was being poured, but being that it was 815 in the morning, and we had about 86 more miles to go, we decided that it would taste that much better if we waited until the end. Next stop-West Hampton-50 miles in, and starting to feel a little tired. We grabbed yet another PB&J, more fruit, a quick rest, and hit the road. At this point, the goal was to keep moving and finish. This stretch was absolutely beautiful, battling some serious head wind on Dune road, crossing a nifty bridge, and riding passed Martha Stewart’s home, among many others.

Arriving at the third and final stop before the end, in Water Mill, we were greeted with lots and lots of pie, in multiple varieties. All sugared up, and water bottles refilled, we hit the road again for the final 32 miles to Montauk.

Although most of the ride seems like one big dream now, the last 10 miles are still pretty vivid. Hills, and lots of them, it was a final and strong push to the end. But one that was rewarded by a picturesque day highlighting the famous Montauk Light House, and all the Blue Point beer we could drink!! Granted a couple dozen oysters would have been well received by this crew, we dove right into our favorite local bee.

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