In a full throttle birthday celebration weekend, we took on our favorite East End spots to bring you a full review of the best places for cold freshly shucked clams, piping hot steamers, chunky lobster rolls and of course a few oysters. With the special occasion calling some serious crustacean indulgence, we decided to put all of our eating to good use. Of course, there are many more places that await ourcatch, but hey its only June and the beginning of what we think will be a very savory summer.

Starting the weekend a little early, we arrived on Thursday afternoon and just in time for lunch outside at Bostwick’s Chowder House. The sun was shining bright as we quenched with cold Blue Point Summers and dug into a whole lot of shellfish goodness. Starting raw, we ordered a half dozen Blue Point Oysters, six Little Necks, and a few jumbo cocktail shrimp,which all came followed by a big bowl of steamers. The oysters were plump and fresh as can be, the little necks were a little smaller, but still pleasantly refreshing, and the jumbo shrimp were meaty and tender. The steamers were on the medium side, with supple sweet bellies. Exploring a new addition to the menu, we tried the Sauteed Lobster Taco as well as the Cajun Fish Tacos. Our lobster roll would have some competition. Coming out on top, the lobster roll was a Bostwicks perfection, with chunky tail and claw meat, just the right amount of mayo and add ins. But we have to give two big claws up for the Lobster Taco. Warm lobster meat, topped with roasted corn salsa, chipotle lime sauce, all all housed in a warm grilled soft taco, was a delight we will definitely be ordering again.

Friday, after spending a cloudless picturesque day at Indian Wells Beach in Amagansett, we drove to the farthest point on the Island for a beach side lunch at Sloppy Tuna in Montauk. Do not let the name fool you. Although this is no doubt a favorite spot to drink and dance the summer away, the food is quite dandy as well. Word has it that some changes were made over the winter, but being as this was our first time there for food, we can only vouch for our lovely lunch. Sticking with the previous day’s lunch order, minus for steamers, we began with Malpeaque oysters, Little Necks, cocktail shrimp which came followed by a Lobster Roll and Fish Tacos. Although not our favorite oyster, the Malpeaques were surprisingly pleasant, the little necks were large and scrumptious and the cocktail shrimp were ginormous!!! We were not blown away by the fish tacos. Although five to an order, the taco just seemed too big for the small portion of fish, contrary to the Lobster Roll which was overflowing with both claw and tail meat, and accompanied by stringy sweet potato fries.

That evening, we continued the water side dining with dinner at Harbor Bistro, our favorite Summer meal with a view. No lobster rolls to report on here, but as always it was a delicious meal with warm and friendly service. Stay tuned for a full review to follow.

Birthday Saturday, although a rainy start, soon became all sunshine and lots of partying. After East Hampton Village for a little birthday present shopping and appetite building, we headed back towards Montauk for a lunch at Lobster Roll. No oysters this time, our raw starters consisted of little necks and shrimp cocktail. Both on the smaller side, but still delicious, we followed up with Lobster Rolls and Lobster Sliders. We love their lobster slider slider option, which also comes in a shrimp and tuna version. Just as good as the real deal, with tons and tons of chunky lobster meat, it is the perfect few bites. Satisfied but still thirsty, we headed a little further east for a few birthday BBCs at Cyrils, our favorite road side bar.

Although no plans were set to keep the crustacean feast going that evening, we just couldn’t pass up the Lobster Mac and Cheese at Georgica Restaurant. Creamy, cheesy and with a generous amount of lobster, this was the perfect birthday side dish indulgence.

So here’s the review from the three places we covered this weekend. For the best view with the larges shrimp-head to Sloppy Tuna. The chunkiest lobster roll mini-Lobster Roll Lunch, and a different take on our under water crawler-Lobster Tacos (although the lobster roll is amazing)-Bostwicks Chowder House. And if you plan on sticking around to party, make sure to load up on the carby and creamy Lobster Mac and Cheese at Georgica before hitting the dance floor.

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