Always an evening of thrills and jitters, attending a sporting event at Madison Square Garden became even more exciting this year. Although considering the nature of this venue it would make more sense to attribute this brouhaha to a pretty good season for the New York Knicks, and the recent wins by The New York Rangers , our enthrallment lies at the concession portion of these athletic encounters. That’s not to say that we don’t absolutely love a win by either one of our teams, as we bite down into our favorite sandwich.

What was once a simple hot dog and soft pretzel treat has recently turned into a foodie frenzy. While some die hard fans are taking the 7 train to see The Mets bring home a win, there are those that are heading over to Citifield for a little baseball and a whole lot of eating. Why wait in line for a burger in Madison Square park, when you can have your Shake Shack fix with a side of nine innings of baseball.  Although the line is just as long there. No need to anxiously wait for  a table at Parm in Soho, when you can now get their infamous meatball hero at Yankee Stadium. And now, not only can you head to the Garden for a Rangers playoffs game, but while there enjoy a creation by one of our favorite New York City restaurants as well.

Although there’s no shucking going on, for sanitary and hazardous reasons we assume, it still makes our palates buzz with delirium to see Aquagrill at the newly renovated Madison Square Garden. Serving only one item, Chef Jeremy Marshall put together a winning shrimp and lobster roll. Granted $19 is a bit pricey compared to the Andrew Carmenelli brat a few stalls down, this is meaty seafood goodness is worth the splurge. We fully enjoyed each and every bite and see watched the New York Rangers progress even further in the playoffs

So if you are lucky to score some tickets to a Rangers game as the season comes to an end, make that experience even better with a little Aquagrill lovin. We’ll be there tonight enjoying this crustacean revel and rooting for our team as they take on the New Jersey Devils. Lets Go Rangers!!!

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