In our efforts to explore the latest in Oyster Happy Hours that New York City has to offer, we took a short trip to the East Village, and checked out a new member to the bivalve deal scene, Prima. A recent addition to the eclectic dining scene of this neighborhood, the little nook is a cocktails with seafood wine bar restaurant, if he had to label it with a particular genre. The small space encompasses a few high top tables, perfect for both communal dining or one on one more intimate setting. With a two for one oyster and drink special, these two happy hours are not to be missed.

The happy hour, offered on a daily basis from 5-7pm includes two for one cocktails and oysters. The creative libations are the works of Greg Seider of the Summit Bar, several blocks down. With a list that includes a variety of treats, all perfecting shaken and stirred, getting two for the price is steal. We were tipsy after the first. The oyster menu features a variety of 5 East Coasters, all of which we took to trying that evening. Although we tend to stray from the $3 Blue Point, at $1.50 a pop, they are clean, fresh and slurp worthy. As for the rest of our rotating bed of ice, it was topped with the simple Malpeaques, sweat and delicious Beau Soleils, even sweater and just lovely St.Simons, and a local favorite in closest proximity to Blue Points, Montauk Pearls. With a focus on local sourcing, there is little chance to see a creamy west coaster on the menu, however, all the oysters we tasted that evening were well selected and perfectly shucked.

For the rest of our meal, we decided to explore the small plate portion of the menu. Still staying on the raw bar portion, we began with a bowl of periwinkles. Although not a favorite item, they were still quite interesting to explore. Next up was the tender and crispy grilled Portuguese Octopus. Plated with feta cheese, the saltiness really brought out the flavors of the main attraction. Sticking with the seafood theme, we had to try the restaurants claim to fame, the Sardines Rillettes. Served in a can, its a playful presentation with a flavorful outcome. Although my friend preferred to tackle the periwinkles, I could not get enough of this concoction on top of the grilled bread and olive oil. For our final course, we tried the grilled Sea Scallops. Served in their shell and topped with a hearty portion of butter and herbs, it was the indulgence we need to round out the meal.

Prima is a great spot for a glass of wine, delicious small plates and fantastic cocktails. At a two for one deal, head over and take advantage of mixologist’s best and a shuckers delight.


58 East 1st Street
New York NY 10003

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