Last week marked another amazing season of skiing, apre skiing, and fine dining in Vail, Colorado. After several years, there’s still nothing like spending those few days in this gem of a town in the Rocky Mountains. And although the trip kicked off with some icy patches on the mountain, there was no need to cut into any ice on our steaming hot culinary run.

Before the plane’s wheels even touched the ground, we were jolted with excitement as we flew over the beautiful snow capped mountains. Memories of years past quickly sprung into mind as we mapped out what restaurants must be revisited and what trails were not to be missed. After a short scenic ride, we arrived at the luxurious Vail Cascade Resort, quickly checked in, and toasted to the next few days with the crisp and refreshing local brew, Fat Tire.

That evening we met a good friend for dinner at Tiamo. A restaurant slightly outside the heart and commotion of Vail Village, it a little taste of Italy many miles from Rome. A good wine, and well rounded food, we were off to an excellent start.

Although lack of snow made our first day of skiing a bit challenging, our efforts were quickly rewarded with a hearty bowl of vegetable chili and cornbread at 11,200 feet. Two Elf, a favorite mid day stop, peaks in height and food, while offering a captivating view of the mountains that surround it. A few runs later, it was cocktails and hot tub, followed by a seafood focused dinner at Montauk Seafood Grill in Lionshead. Although 2000 miles from the Lighthouse of Montauk, NY, its barely a short proximity in freshness of fish straight from the waters of Long Island.

Six inches of fresh snow later, our next day was all powder, and no ice. Phew! Not missing a beat, our game was on as we skied our hearts out, hitting many trails, and an adventurous terrain in the back bowls. Completely spent, in that most delightful achy muscles kind of way, we stayed in, dining on oysters, mussels, and scallops at the hotel restaurant Atwater. With four varieties of oysters, each perfectly shucked, and a heaping bowl of mussels for only $10, it was a winning day on all counts. And fortunately, after slurping down a few dozen Oysters, it was helpful indeed that Cascade Resort accepts credit cards!

The next evening, after another great day on the mountain, we celebrated the birthday of a very special friend, at the decadent La Tour. A restaurant that has brought us back on every visit, it surpasses our expectations each and every time. A culinary mastermind, Chef Paul Ferzacca, successfully enlightens the palate as he teases the eyes. Before even taking a bite of the delectable scallops and beat risotto, there was no taming our inner happy dance, as we took in all the electrifying colors before us.

Another year, and another memorable time. With warm air, powdery snow, and delicious food, there’s nothing like a vacation of spring skiing in Vail Colorado.

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  1. Bryan says:

    I’m a bit disappointed — judging by the title, I thought you were brave enough to try the “real” Rocky Mountain Oysters.

  2. I live in Boulder, and visited Vial for the first time last year during the USA Pro Cycling Challenge. It’s such a fun ski-town with great restaurants and much easier to get to from the Denver Area than others. I’m so glad you liked La Tour, as I thought it was a very special place. I like how the food is amazing, paired with service that’s confident but casual and friendly in a dressed up environment- very Colorado. By the way, after a week of 75+ temps in Colorado, we’re getting big snow today! :)

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