Last Tuesday we partook in the vivaciously boozy event, Good Spirits, hosted by Edible Manhattan. An event highlighting the artistic talents of New York City’s top mixologists,  served along side specifically chosen dishes from some of New York City’s top restaurants, the creative libations and bites left us quenched and satiated.

As dedicated readers and subscribers of the Edible Magazine chain, we always look forward to the food focused events they throw throughout the year. And as much as we love a good round of cocktails, tickets were immediately purchased when we saw that one of our favorite oyster bars, Maison Premiere, would be right there on the premise, shucking away.

Held at 82 Mercer, the event space was transformed into a lively food and drink expedition. Each brand of spirit was paired with a corresponding restaurant, both enhancing the aromas and flavors of the other’s offering.  Always preferring to start with the cleanest flavors, we commenced the evening with the Cornell Oyster from Hog Neck Bay, and Bache-Gabrielsen cognac cocktail. Quite the change from our typical wine or beer, this drink gave a burst of energy to our delightfully passive bivalve. Moving on, Cadaques’ Sea Urchin Terrine was a plate full of underwater creatures bursting with flavors and tamed by the smoothness of the El Buho Mezcal. Although a common dish often seen at a cocktail party, there was nothing typical about the spicy Deviled Egg from the Beagle. Giving a typical Vietnamese sandwich some Italian love, Anfora loaded its Banh Mi with Mortadella and Bolognese Bianco. And true to its name, King served a cured trout suitable for any royal highness. But our most favorite dish of the night, and one we so shamefully returned for several servings of, was served by Perry St. The Rice Cracker Crusted Tuna with a Srirachi Citrus Emulsion, was hot and cold, soft and crunchy, spicy yet delicate, and just all the right attributes to throw our mouths into a full on dance party.

Whether ones preference sides with a good strong cocktail, a small bite of big flavors, or the combination of both, this event was full of Good Spirits and something for everyone.  We look forward to seeing what they have muddled up next year.

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