Although hopes were high, attending the 84th Annual Academy Awards at the Kodak Theater just didn’t pan out this year. So instead, like so many fellow movie aficionados, and those with a love of red carpet fashion, we watched the grand finale of award season on our Television.

For many years now, several January and February Sundays have received dedicated couch time of intense celebrity style gazing. There are the pre-red carpet hours, followed by the nominees’ arrival, and of course the show itself. Its gotta be a girl thing, but I love it, never get sick of it, and look forward to it every year. This is my Super bowl.

And just like the Super bowl, food plays a very important role in the day’s event. Menu planning begins weeks in advance always with considerable importance placed on the timing of when each dish will be served. We don’t want to miss George Clooney’s interview with Ryan Seacrest, now do we?! Kidding!! Ok, maybe not!

This year, being no different from the rest, received the same amount of attention and planning. With the final course settled on lasagna based on its make ahead, easily re-heatable, and one dish wonder nature, it was onto the appetizers and dessert.  Just like the glamorous Oscars, so were to be our starters. And what’s more fancy then oysters? So with that said, it was off to Chelsea Market to load up on some shellfish at The Lobster Place. One of the best places to purchase seafood, this store has it all. The variety can even be overwhelming sometimes. After picking up two pounds of their beautiful and monstrous head on shrimp, we moved over to the oyster section and selected three varieties from Washington State.

Back home, our vegetable lasagna, recipe courtesy of Pinch of Yum was baking in the oven, the cheese and crackers had been plated, and our movie stars were starting to pull up in their stretch limos. It was time to cook our shrimp and shuck those oysters. And to accompany our crustacean favored appetizers, we popped open a few bottles of Cava and Processco, leaving the champagne drinking to the winners.

Although stuffed, with minimal room, we proceeded on to our make your own sundaes and rainbow cookies dessert.

Just like The Artist, our dishes were winners that night!!

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