Having attended a number of recreational cooking classes in the past, I’ve found that the more divergent the theme, the more education and entertaining the class. Always optionally boozy, hands on, and surprisingly a lot more informative then the higher priced orthodox courses. And so it was over a cup of coffee while reading my daily food blogs one morning that I stumbled upon what I thought was the perfect Valentine Day present. A class with an aphrodisiac twist, My Tasty Valentine, taught by the chef and author of Cook to Bang, would not only teach us how to cook, but make sure that the experience ended with a bang.

The collaboration of MOPAC and Chef Spencer Walker, the four-hour class was flawless on every level. Beginning with a questionnaire that insured no one in the room felt like a stranger, unlimited wine, and passed appetizers, it was short of a party from the very start. After some mingling, everyone was relaxed and ready to learn what it takes to make that bang worthy dish. Chef Spencer and the MOPAC crew were accommodating, amusing and created a hoopla of a culinary learning experience. The dishes were incredibly simple to assemble, complex with flavor, and most importantly easy to replicate at home. Our Cook to Bang menu that day consisted of Chicken Lettuce Couples and Orgasmic Catfish, and once all the cooking and eating was done, we cheersed to our newly learned skills with Prosecco and Chocolate brownies.

Although certainly far from hungry, the proximity of Aquagrill meant that this Valentines Day Sunday Funday could only end in one way, with a hearty helping of our favorite aphrodisiac. Still very new to the complexity of oysters, I took to the opportunity in expanding my boyfriend’s horizons. Although we stuck with the West Coast, ordering a variety of nine perfectly shucked types, he was still able to distinguish the various levels of meatiness, creaminess, and robust flavors personal to the terroirs of each kind. For the day’s selection, we each favored the incredibly sweet and creamy Canoe Lagoons, perfectly plump Fanny Bays, and the teeny in size, but huge in flavor Kumamotos from Washington. Sipping our wine and beer, slurping away, it was a day that started with a bang and ended with one as well.

So what’s next? My boyfriend is cooking me dinner tonight…Thanks, Chef Spencer!!


MOPAC-Meet Other People and Cook

Cook to Bang

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