Although not a holiday that screams oysters, we fully took advantage of the half day at the office, to enjoy the other half eating our favorite bivalve in Brooklyn. After a quick and frigid stroll through a scenic waterside park in Dumbo, we headed a few doors down to Williamsburg. An hour short of the infamous daily happy hour at Maison Premiere, we started things off several blocks away at Walter Foods.

Walter Foods is the quintessential neighborhood tavern, hosting a menu of upscale bar food, a great selection of raw bar items and the ideal spot for a quick bite in a cozy atmosphere. Just the place we were looking for to warm up a bit with a bowl of soup, a few glasses of wine, and a half dozen of their daily oysters. Limiting us to the East Coast, we gently broke into our palates with Beau Soleils and Stone Brook, both from New Brunswick. Both delicate and sweet, it was a delightful start to what was to come at our next stop.

Arriving at exactly 4 pm, we took front row seats at the oyster bar in the back, for the shucking show ahead. The menu, a little more extensive than our former engagement, presented a selection of twenty-two oysters, all for a $1 each. Eager to get some creamy meatiness on our plates, we started with two of each of their West Coast Oysters. The sample consisted of Sun Hallows from South Hood Canal, WA, Otter Coves and Snow Creeks from Discovery Bay, WA, Penn Coves Select from Whidbey Island, WA, Golden Mantles from Cortes Island, BC and Deep Bays from Deep Bay, BC. The entire dozen was perfectly shucked, not needing even the slightest tug of the fork, and refreshingly clean. Our hearts went straight to the Golden Mantles and Deep Bays, the creamiest and sweetest of the bunch. For round two, we ordered another 8 of our favorites, and threw in some East Coasts for diversity. By recommendation, the Sewansecotts from Machipongo River, VA were stunning, and the Cape May Salts, from Cape May, NJ contrary to their name were more sugarplum than brine.

Oysterly satisfied, we closed off our delicious day with their scallop special. Peconic bays, served in the shell, accompanied by avocado and roe. It was the perfect savorliy ending to our very sweet day.


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