On a recent group dinner outing, my friends decided to try out the new dim sum hot spot, Red Farm, a restaurant by the same folks of Chinatown Brasserie in Noho. Far from the more authentic go to places in Chinatown, the tastes were close in vicinity. A different kind of spin on Chinese food, this restaurant incorporates creative takes on some original classics. And although we hardly expected to find an oyster on a Chinese restaurant menu, we certainly could not bypass ordering it.

And so our Asian tour, in the West Village, began with an order of their Blue Point oysters topped with a Meyer Lemon Yuzu Ice. Typically preferring our oysters naked, the topping was a little too overpowering for our palates. But the oysters were nonetheless extremely fresh, well shucked and beautifully presented.

Now it was time to move on to some more serious dishes. By recommendation, we were told that ordering the Spicy Crispy Beef was an absolute must. And so that was the first bite to hit our plates. A mystery in its preparation, this stuff was amazing! We guessed it was fried, then sautéed, then maybe friend again. Regardless, it hit the ball out of the park on the flavor scale. Next up, we shared the Pac Man dumplings. True to the dish’s name, the little shrimp filled balls of dough did in fact look like characters from the very popular arcade game. Ghosts avoided, it was onto the Pork and Crab Soup Dumplings. A tasteful dish, it had all the components of one you might find below Canal Street, but slightly lacked on the bursting liquid flavors. Next up, the love child of two classic Chinese and Jewish dishes, The Katz’s Pastrami Egg Roll was awesome. Crispy dough, decadent soft pastrami, there was absolutely nothing to complain about. For our final and larger dishes, we tried the Wild Rice Boodles with Shredded Roast Duck and Pickled Mustard Greens and a special that evening, the Seared Seabass with Miso Sauce. Both dishes were flavorsome and delicious with authentic attributes.

Although Red Farm is not your typical Chinatown dim sum spot, with prices slightly higher as well, it is still definitely worth a visit. Keep in mind, the space is small, so get there early. Or enjoy some of their fabulous cocktails while you wait.

Red Farm
529 Hudson Street
New York NY 10014

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