Although we seldom need a reason to eat oysters, there are those special occasions that make our indulgences that much more memorable. Last Thursday marked exactly one year since we launched TheOysterBlog. An idea that came about over a hearty helping of happy hour oysters at The Mermaid Oyster Bar one Sunday afternoon, it was our way of spreading the bivalve love. Perhaps due to its pertinence in our hunt, but it appears that oysters are on a never ending exponential growth, appearing in more genres of dining than ever before.  A metamorphosis we welcome with open arms.

There are more restaurants offering happy hours, more chefs featuring them on their raw bar menu, and even more oyster varieties then ever before. We spent all year exploring these venues, trying different types in different places, and learning that each experience is as unique as the oyster we were slurping. Some may enjoy the never ending $1 oysters, some venture out for the $6 Belons, and although our journey did entail many great experiences, we still return to our original favorite place to celebrate this one amazing year, Aquagrill.

A husband and wife operation, Aquagrill is that one of a kind gems who’s sparkle shines brighter and brighter with every experience. A brilliance of love and passion for food, we have yet to experience anything like it. Every oyster is superb in selection, fresh as can be, and shucked with the kindest of care. A perfection every time, this is the place for the best oysters in New York City.

In our celebration we allowed no limits, going all out, ordering our favorite West Coast varieties and trying a few new ones. After each round, we’d select the favorites making it to the next round, and so on. Of course, there are those few, that always seem to stick around. Royal Miyagis for example. They are the perfection of West Coast oysters, meaty, sweet with just the right amount of cream. Effingham Outlets, a new kid on the block, is more elongated with a touch of brine, but still beholding that creamy and sweet meatiness to it. A new favorite from Alaska, the Canoe Lagoons, although $4.10 a pop, they are worth every penny.

Although we have found our favorites, we will continue to explore New York City, one oyster at a time, reporting back on where your next shuck should be.


210 Spring Street  New York, NY 10012-3601

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