A celebration fit for a king, at least one that likes oysters, we kicked of a weekend birthday extravaganza at none other than the holy grail of oyster dining in New York City, Aquagrill. Incomparable to any, this restaurant holds majority real estate in our oyster loving hearts, and was the only place that could attend to the bivalve cravings of this birthday boy.

Arriving shortly after they opened for the evening, we took a few seats in the lounge, and enjoyed a round of celebratory cocktails. As the cool crisp air seeped through the large open windows, we took to reviewing the oyster menu, a typical list of 23-26 varieties. Its never an easy decision, but a challenge we welcome with open arms.

Our choices solidified, we moved on to our favorite large cozy boothed table in the back, placed another drink order, and awaited our oysters. A plate of twenty five, our selection consisted of five Kumamotos from California, five Effinghams from British Columbia (an oyster blog fave), five Royal Miyagis from Birthday Columbia, five Pebble Beach from Washington, and by recommendation of our server, five Canoe Lagoons from Alaska. A masterpiece before us, we went straight to work. All of the oysters were incredibly well selected, perfectly shucked, meaty and just superb. A consistency that keeps us coming back to this jewel of a restaurant. Taking a break before proceeding to round two, we shared the Toro Tarare with truffle soy sauce and a rare exotic white salmon sashimi. Both dishes were full of flavor and refreshing in the freshness of their ingredients. As tradition, our second round consisted of our favorites from the first, and so we shared another dozen of Effinghams, Royal Miyagis, and Canoe Lagoons.

Although another round was discussed, we decided to save room for our entrées. Having dined at this restaurant for many years, the food only seems to get better and better, leaving it hard decision every time as to which dish to order. This time around, it was Seared Diver Sea Scallops for the boys, A simple grilled Salmon, and the Chilean Sea Bass. All absolutely amazing, there was room for a little something sweet.  And so we concluded with the chocolate trio. A crowned indulgence complete.

AQUAGRILL, INC.  |  210 Spring Street, New York, NY 10012  |  212.274.0505


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