To commemorate a significant life-changing event, I was very generously treated to an extravagant dinner of oysters and steak at BLT Fish Shack and BLT Prime, respectively.Having frequented BLT Fish and BLT Fish Shack before, on many occasions, often finding a seat at the bar for their happy hour oyster special, I was intrigued to see if my enthusiasm would carry over to their sister chain restaurant BLT Prime.
Not really an expert on steak, the meal turned into an exchange of lessons. I taught the oyster class, and my friend led me in the right direction of how to properly order and eat a quality piece of meat. It was a dining experience I will soon not forget.

With a 7pm dinner reservation at BLT Prime, we decided to kick off the evening at BLT Fish Shack around 530, giving us ample time to partake in a generous serving of oysters and pre-dinner drinks. Two glasses of Sauvignon Blanc ordered, we moved on to selecting our oysters from the variety they were offering on that particular evening. A half dozen Blue Points, at $1 a piece, to take advantage of a good deal, and three types of West Coasts for the full flavor kick, our favorite was without a doubt the Hama Hamas. So full of cream and body, it was the palate jolt we needed to send us on our way to Prime.

The perfect corner table at BLT Prime, we were set in comfort to enjoy the indulgent meal ahead. Without even ordering, it was an immediate love affair when the popovers arrived, steaming, enormous and absolutely delicious. Placing the rest of the meal in the hands of my more experienced counterpart, we proceeded with the Buratta and Heirloom tomato special, and a favorite steakhouse item, the Shrimp Cocktail. Cheese and fish out of the way, it was time for the main event, a porterhouse for two. Cooked rare, the perfect temperature, honoring the cow and its sacrifice, the more red then pink inside melted in our mouths, while the outer crust provided a sharp burst of grilled flavor. It was an indulgence of an unmarked elevation, accompanied by the simplistic mushroom and corn side dishes.

Our savory meal left us yearning for something sweet, and we could not have been more satisfied by our selection, and BLT Prime’s preparation, of the Carrot Cake.

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