Not quite ready to say goodbye to summer, we packed our trolley suitecases, and headed out East for another beautiful weekend in the Hamptons. Although hopes were high for a few days of sunshine and sunbathing on the beach, the alternative of rolled up jeans, as we walked along the shore, was a welcoming alternative. As we embraced the slightly cooler crisp fall air, our appetites grew hungry for a preview of what the approaching season had to bring.

Settling in with some wine and cheese on Friday night, we woke up ready to take on the beautiful sunny Saturday. An intense spin class at Flywheel left us starving for a local seasonal breakfast, and so we headed to Babetteā€™s for some well deserved in house made Bloody Marys, Omelettes, and Turkey Pastrami Sandwiches. After a short walk around the Village of East Hampton, we attended to our sweet tooth craving with a few scoops at Scoop du Jour. With the sun shining bright, we took a drive to Amagansett for a walk along the beach. A picturesque beauty, it is no wonder why these long island beaches are considered some of the best in the world.

Continuing what was already a perfect day, we took the ferry to Shelter Island. Bringing along a few bottles of wine and folding chairs, we found a comfortable spot on the sandy bay beach to watch the sun set. As the clouds parted, the sun touched the horizon, setting below. The breathtaking scene, and a few hours of relaxation, left us hungry, and so we were off to Vine Street Cafe for what turned out to be one of the best dinners out East thus bar. Starting out with a dozen Canadian Cup oysters, each perfectly shucked, clean and tasteful, we elected for something heartier to continue our meal. A reputation for some of the best Bolognese, we paired it with a side of meatballs for our shared primi platte. For the main course, the dish of the day, Crispy Duck Confit, was cooked to perfection. With soft juicy meat on the inside, and a crispy skin, it was absolutely superb. And to round out this decadent meal, we indulged further with the the Gateu au Chocolat, a warm souffle style chocolate cake topped with mint-chocolate chip ice cream, and the Berry Crisp. Full and satisfied, it was back to the main land of East Hampton, crossing over the small body of water that separates it from this quaint island.

A Sunday brunch of warm blueberry muffins and cinnamon rolls from Round Swamp Road, we headed back to New York City, but not without a picnic chicken, for later taste of East Hampton back home.

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