In New York City, where there are enough restaurant openings to sustain a daily Tasting Table Dining Dispatch highlighting at least one to three each day, consistency is a key factor in customer loyalty. And although we do love a taste of something new, there are those few seafood restaurants that have won our hearts over and keep us coming back for more. So when my friends suggested we check out the infamous truffle burger at Burger and Barrel, the immediate thought was, why not start with a few dozen oysters at Lure Fishbar down the street first. We deemed it the night at the hands of Josh Capon.

Getting there in time to secure one of those cushiony ultra comfy booths by the bar, we began with two dozen of their happy hour oysters, and a half dozen little neck clams. At $1.50 an oyster, and $1 clams, the quality was in no way diminished by the price. Each Naked Cowboy was well selected, fresh and well shucked, and each clam meaty and clean. A few special cocktails later and we were ready to move the party down the street.

Meeting another friend at Burger and Barrel, we were four gals hungry for a good time and a delicious meal. With Chef Capon mingling around, we ordered everything per his suggestion, not missing a beat of the restaurants most highlighted and favored dishes. The Chilled Shrimp Ceviche was light as a feather, with the added heartiness of avocado, all scooped up with tortilla chips. The Meatballs and Fresh Ricotta were old school Italian country cooking gone right. The chicken lollipops a high-end version of a top-notch sports bar chicken wing, screaming for a cold draft beer, which this restaurant happens to have a well selected variety of. The tacos had the perfect tortilla/filling ratio, letting the fish and pulled pork shine. But the winning dish of the night was exactly what we came in for, the truffle burger. Although in no way a burger expert, this one was mind blowing amazing. It was so memorable in fact, that now a visit to Lure Fishbar, may mean a quick stop at Burger and Barrel as well. Well done, Chef Capon!

Lure Fishbar
142 Mercer Street
New York, NY 10012-3806
(212) 431-7676

Burger and Barrel
25 W Houston St
New York, NY 10012
(212) 334-7320

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