If you have had the unfortunate opportunity to watch an episode of Russian Dolls, you may be under the impression that Russians like to do things up in a flashy, horrifying way. Although I have yet to find a moment to personally confirm the slanted disaster that is this show, I can confirm that it is customary to bring a bright light to events such as birthdays, anniversaries, and any occasion that gives forth the right to drink shots, eat good food, and dance the night away, but in a much mundane matter.

And so this past Sunday, we could not have been more pleased to not only celebrate my cousin’s baby’s first birthday at Orange Grill in Brooklyn, but our grins only grew bigger at the site of the freshly shucked oysters beautifully displayed during the cocktail hour.

Although it was a Sunday evening, nothing was going to put a halt to the energy of this crowd. Gathered at what is a smaller version of the typical grandiose Russian Restaurants in Brooklyn, Orange Grill, was the quintessential place for this party. Beginning with a display of appetizers, and open bar, something new to the more traditional straight to table dining, the variety of small bites was endless. And as rare as the cocktail hour is as a whole, oysters are an even more divergent find.  Once we did find our seats at the tables, each decorated to be part of the under water theme that my cousins’ wife so tastefully chose for the occasion, we were immediately greeted with an abundance of dishes, from burrata to sushi. An international fare if you may, or what we like to deem Russo-Asian, as most of the dishes adhere to some form of each type of cuisine.

After some dancing to Lady Gaga and the famous Russian singer Alla Pugacheva, we returned for more dishes, or warm mushroom salad, lobster tails, and lamb chops. Although it was quite an overload of food, and we so wished our stomachs were as big as our eyes, everything was presented with taste.

So if you are every in the mood for a good party, with lots of food, music, and of course the endless flow of vodka, head over to Orange Grill in Brooklyn. Just make sure to come hungry.


Orange Grill

2547 Cropsey Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11214-6603

(347) 673-5411

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