With only three weekends left until the summer officially closes on labor day weekend, we have done our very best to make the most of every weekend spent out East. And although we plan to keep on shucking way after we’ve closet our whities, it is amusing to partake in the hustle and bustle of the peak season’s days.

As with every weekend, this one consisted of the customary two days, one of which was a complete wash out, stationing us on the couch with a good book for most of the day. But that was way after we put in a hard day’s work exploring a few new places and revisiting what has become a weekend staple, the day before.

After a cup of coffee, the morning paper, and stroll along the beach, we headed out for some fresh produce at Round Swamp Farm. Although a popular one stop shop for many locals and visitors of the area, we were amateurs having always purchased our farm fair at The Amagansett Farmer Market. Round Swamp proved to be pure pleasure in the food shopping category, and within a few minutes we walked out with a bag of two dozen clams, some freshly picked herbs, vegetables and fruit, and hot out of the oven mini blueberry muffins, which we impatiently devoured on the car ride home. Unpacked, and ready for lunch, we were off to Montauk for a happy round of oysters at South Edison. This time they were not only offering $3 Blue Point Summer Ales, but very generous pours of Vino Verde from Portugal as well.  After a few glasses of each, and two dozen oysters, we were off for some more drinking in the sand at Navy Beach. Planning to grab a bite there, we arrived a little passed four, when to our disappointment the kitchen had already closed. But with the breeze and fantastic cocktails, we now have a reason to return.

Preparing for dinner, we stopped off at The Amagansett Seafood Store, where we not only picked up a freshly caught whole Mackerel, but made some good new friends as well. Mike, the owner, is the friendliest Australian you’ll meet, and if you are kind to him, maybe he’ll even shuck a fresh oyster for you right there on the spot as he tells you exactly how to prepare your fish.

A hearty helping of wine and cheese, we began the grilling, starting with a pot of clams in a white wine sauce, a few steaks, and our beautifully stuffed Mackerel. Everything local, it was the epitome of the saying “what grows together goes together”.

So next time your out East, make sure to pop into Round Swamp for some fresh produce, and ask Mike at The Amagansett Seafood Store to recommend a local catch to go with it.

Until we slurp again…see you next weekend!

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