With the array of diverse online dating sites available these days, NYC has become a mecca of first dates, which sadly at times are also the last. The problem of attaining a date solved, the next step is enticing that girl to secure a second encounter. So much is riding on this first impression, adequate execution can be quite challenging, and more often than not, the dude just doesn’t get it right. Although an aphrodisiac, just eating oysters wont do. To the rescue comes a site ready to answer his questions and impress her.

The site is multi functional offering date ideas, venues and even straight from the source dos and don’ts, the “She Said” page. It’s interactive, interesting, and educational. So boys-sign up now. These essentials are free with the option of one-on-one consulting for a personalized social/dating life makeover.

At the launch party last night, held at the trendy RdV in the Meatpacking district of New York City, we celebrated with cake and Shark-Tails, courtesy of Kettle One Vodka. Like the site, the drinks were amusing in presentation and abundant in substance. But of course no celebration would be complete without a few oysters. And so after many many Shark Tinis, our night continued at Pastis, where we toasted with Rose bubbly and indulged in a few Blue Points from the East and Plump Kumamotos from the West.

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