As you know, we set out to explore the world one oyster at a time, but even thoysterblog can get confused with all the oysters out there. If you are like us, and we have a hunch that you are, than you’re in luck! This past Monday night, the team behind The Mermaid Inn launched an application that will relieve the confusion and TheOysterBlog was lucky enough to be invited to the party to try the app first hand.

Oysterpedia, the new must have application for your iphone (or Droid), holds the capacity to assist in identifying 200 different types of oysters. Each oyster is characterized, described and even has a photo to help you identify exactly what you are about to slurp. Sometimes ones need a bit more information beyond whether the oyster is from the East or West Coast and with this nifty app, eating oysters will be a guessing game no more.

At the launch party we had the opportunity to test out the new application against the various types of oysters served by our generous friends. Not only is it resourceful, it’s amusing at the same time, taking oyster dining to a whole new level.

We would like to thank our friends at The Mermaid Inn for enhancing our future oyster adventures.

Keep on shucking!

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