On the Eve of Sam Sifton’s NYTimes review(, we decided to revisit The John Dory Oyster, and check out their new Happy Hour special. Looks like Sam and theoysterblog are on the same dining schedule, and with a similar appreciation for the bivalve.

The happy hour is offered daily from 5-7pm and 12-2am, both ideal times to take advantage of a good oyster special. The $15 deal includes half a dozen oysters and either a glass of Cava or a can of Snapperhead IPA. Although there are better priced specials in town, this one proved to be of the highest quality. On that particular day, they were serving the Naked Cowboy oyster. Granted, not a very exciting variety, they were quite satisfying. Plentiful in size, they had a briny start, meaty middle, and a lingering salty finish. And after a tiny squirt of lemon, they were simply refreshing and divine. Of course, being the oyster snobs that we are, upon finishing our happy hour serving, we ordered a second round. This time the dozen oysters were all West Coast and included Shibumis, Hama Hamas, and Sweetwater Hog Islands. The Shibumis had a mild start, a bursting creamy middle, and finished with a lingering taste of the sea. The Hama Hamas, a smoother oyster, were refreshing but with not much flavor. And the Sweetwater, were sweet and succulent. A reminder of why it’s a favorite among many.

Having enjoyed the happy hour so much, we returned back that Friday, this time for the 12-2am round. Although a slightly murkier recollection, as the late night oyster tends to be, they were a satisfying conclusion to a night out on the town. And this time they were the Fanny Bays!

The John Dory Oyster Bar

1196 Broadway

New York, NY 10001

(212) 792-9000

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