Having previously indulged in the crispy pig ear at The Spotted Pig, and a decent helping of the Hog Island Oysters at The John Dory Oyster Bar, it was time to complete my April Bloomfield tri-fecta. So on a bitterly cold Thursday evening in NYC, we sought out to warm up with some grastropub fair. Set in the hopping Ace Hotel, the Breslin encompasses a fun, hipster cool,  yet cozy atmosphere. Just what we were looking for.

Following a round of cocktails in the Lobby of the Ace Hotel, directly adjacent to the restaurant, we were seated at a table in close proximity to the open kitchen; the perfect location to watch and drool over an entire pig being roasted for the lucky patrons at the table next to us.

Of course we began with a half dozen of the Shibumi oysters. Impeccably selected and well shucked, they were the perfect sweet and creamy beginning to our dinner.  A round of cocktails ordered and delivered, we only had one question for our server. What is a scotch egg? Turns out, it is a soft-boiled egg (7 minutes, not a second more or less) wrapped in pork wrapped in dough and deep-fried. When you cut into it and dip your piece into the broken yolk, its something that every foodie (if not person) should experience in this lifetime. The gooey richness of the yolk smothering the crispy fried pork layer is simply one of the best things that ever hit these lips.

After some deliberation over whether to order another one, and put in an extra hour at the gym the next day, we decided instead to put in a reservation for the entire Suckling Pig Dinner and bring some friends along. Something as decadent as the Scotch egg is a guilty pleasure that ought to be shared with loved ones. So with that said…stay tuned!

In the meantime, should a desire to produce your own version of the Scotch egg arise, here’s a recent recipe by Melissa Clark of The New York Times.


The Breslin

16 West 29th Street
New York, NY 10001
(646) 214-5788

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