After a night out on the town, most New York City dwellers prefer a slice of pizza, or perhaps a late night visit to the diner. I was on a whole other mission.  Oysters!

Given that my Friday night started a bit early, I was in luck, for it was only around midnight. After several disappointing attempts at the restaurants I usually call on for oysters, I was about to give up. Fortunately for me, a friendly host directed me towards Tello, an Italian restaurant in Chelsea and possibly the last place one would expect to find oysters. Tello harbors a space that until recently was a seafood restaurant. So I guess they decided to keep oysters on their menu, which worked out delightfully well for me.

With only one variety offered from their raw bar, I modestly ordered half a dozen Blue Points. Granted, these oysters followed several hours of drinking, so I can’t accurately rate them. At the time, however, they were just what the palate ordered. The shucking was fantastic, with each oyster sliding perfectly out of its shell accompanied by just the right amount of brine. And the size was not disappointing. I guess I will need to revisit Tello again so I can fairly confirm my initial satisfaction.


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