In need of an afternoon snack, we decided to hop on the 1 train and grab a couple of dozen oysters at Fish. Fish is a small seafood restaurant on the very crowded Bleeker Street in the West Village. Although they offer a wide variety of Fish, as their namesake would lead one to assume, we go there for their unbeatable oyster special. Just $8 buys 6 Blue Points and a glass of wine or beer.

Some people reach for a granola bar when they hit that 3pm slump, others opt for something a bit more exciting.  So here we were, sitting at the bar, on a rainy Wednesday afternoon.

To diversify our plate a bit, we added on a few other varieties from the raw bar board. 2 Somberry points, 4 Fanny bays, and 4 Kummotos.

The Blue Points were medium in size, with a good amount of meat to them. There wasn’t much brine and they could have been a little colder. The Somberry Points came in a flat shallow long shell and were very salty.  The Fanny Bays, which on a previous visit had been fantastic, this time around were a bit on the small size. They had a metallic taste to them, a strong taste of the sea, and a bit salty as well. As for the Kummotos, they were not as deep and full as we’ve seen in the past and also saltier then we prefer.

Minus the lack of brine in the Blue Points, the shucking job was on the better end of the spectrum all around.

For dessert, we decided to venture out and try the sea urchin in the shell, typically a dish we favor.  It could have been better.

Overall: The Blue Points are a great deal at Fish. After they had some time to chill on ice, they were smooth and refreshing. We will be returning.


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